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DR Series Dehumidifying Dryer
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Technical Standard Features:
Siemens Simatic S7-200 PLC control equipped with digital display and ¡°Touch Screen¡± control panel for working and setting operations;serial line interface,visual/acoustic alarm and daily/weekly timer control for starting and stopping the dryer;
External process air heating chamber in stainless steel and fully insulated with armoured electrical resistances,installed directly on the drying hopper;
Two(GB1000) or three(GB2000) or four(GB3000) high-head low-noise side channel blowers for process and one for regeneration;protection with large surface and low pressure drop air catridge filters;
Air/water process heat exchanger, copper pipes with aluminium fins coil,for process air cooling returning from drying hopper and for air cooling during closed loop regeneration;
Process and regeneration air change-over valves made of aluminium casting,pneumatically driven.Gaskets in silicone rubber,high temperature proof,resistant up to 300.Valves fitted with safety limit switches;
Fully automatic process air shuttering system to partially off the air-flow and the heating elements;
¡°stop winding¡± function to prevent material degradation;
Automatically the heating elements are shut off  working only the process air blower;
Regeneration circuit with stainless steel heat-recovery exchanger,fully insulated.
Accessories Upon Request:
Electronic safety thermoregulator;
Filter clopping pressure switch and filter status control by PLC.It gives an alarm when the drop of pressure in the process filter is higher than a pre-set value thus assuring the optimum air flow maintaining the best drying performances;
Dew point instrument control.It givers a reading on a digital display of the actual Dew Point value in the process air.It also operates the automatic desiccant tower change-over operated by the process Dew Point value,to improve the molecular sieves life ¡°Dew-Point Management Plus¡± control:a motor driven valve allows to operate at a set constant dew-point value(above the minimum).

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