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KSJ-DW Series Low Temperature Screw Chillers (Water-Cooled)
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low temperature screw chiller is widely adopted in manufacturing process in industries such as non-ferrous smelting, chemical and pharmaceutical, petroleum chemistry, grain and oil, food and beverage, mechanical, electric, air separation, etc.
Unit main parts include Semi-hermetic screw compressor,oil separator,condenser,economizer,evaporator and control system.
1. Durable  and higher energy efficiency compressor
Use the imported famous brand  hermetic screw compressor  and hermetic reciprocating compressor such as Taiwan HANBELL, Germany BITZER . With the stable operation, high efficiency, low malfunction, performance, small vibration, low noise, efficient, easy to maintenance, the advantages of long life products.According to the customer requirement and the Cooling capacity,use the single or multiple machine. Compressor load can automatically alternate operation, automatic energy adjustment (25% -50% -75% -100%),  to balance the number of compressor run-time, greatly extended the deadline for the use of chillers.
2. Internal screw-type tube Evaporator:
Copper evaporator to enhance the use of internal  screw-type tube. Threaded brass surface, brass outer surface smooth, cooling effect, and to Cylinder body evaporator insulation board 25mm thick PE insulation, non-condensing, less loss of cooling capacity.
3. Condenser:
Condenser using imported from foreign countries brass, trapezoidal processed into low-relief tube, enhancing heat transfer capacity. Brass surface to reduce water pressure, easy to clean maintenance.
4. Protection device:
Protection systems are installed with: compressor  delay start  protection, overload protection, high-low pressure protection, temperature control switch, antifreeze switch, fusible bolt,  electronic  time protection safety valve, compressor overheating protector, compressor protectors frequent start and unusual light, ensure the machinery is running.
5. Computer-controlled system:
Developed intelligent PLC, PC-class computer-controlled system, can do remote monitoring and control, simple operation, the host and power connections. Failure rate is low and a high factor of safety, simple installation. System control are available for immediate adjustment, intuitive and reliable.
6. Foreign imported  frozen parts
The frozen parts all made of the worlds top brands SPORLAN (U.S. Sporlan), ALCO (American Eco), DANFOSS (Danfoss) etc, excellent performance, Safety and environmental protection.
Specification Sheet(one machine):

Specification Sheet(two machine):


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