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Low Temperature Chiller
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Low temperature chiller | Air-cooled low temperature chiller | water-cooled low temperature chiller | Screw low temperature chiller |

Low temperature industrial chiller features: KFJ -DW series low temperature chiller is specially designed ,which is widely used in  carbonated drinks, building, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics and so on,This product introduces the foreign advanced technology, well-designed the new generation of the low temperature chiller, The temperature can be any regulated in the range of  -30 to 25, Unit adopts Taiwan HANBELL , Germany BITZER ,French Maneurop ,USA Copeland compressor, energy efficiency is about  the 10% to 20%  higher  than the ordinary compressor, Electronic circuit control is used the  international well-known , PLC touch-screen operator panel, operation simple and quick.,It can be seed  the health of everything at one glance.
KDA every machine has to pass the 100% performance test before they go out ensure the reliability, It is realized the promises for customer about the cooling capacity , input power ,  performance parameter, sample and contract requirements, the machines add the refrigerant and  lubricating oil before they go out, easy installation, it would save money on the installation and debugging.We can  custom the all kinds of the nonstandard equipment based on customer demand.
Specification Sheet:

The above specifications are according to following design conditions:
Chilled water inlet/outlet temperature 12C/7C.
Colling water inlet/outlet temperature 25C/30C.
High-pressure pump according to customer special requirements to order
If the customer need the temperature or for low or acid resistance type,plaese declare before ordering,themachine power supply:380AC,50Hz,3We can customize the export voltage frequency machines.


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