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KS Series Water Type Mold Temperature Control
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Relative to the oil temperature control system, using water as the media has its advantages: high heat transfer efficiency, less pollution, the water resources few is easy to obtain,but it controls the temperature scope to be small, the maximum temperature is only 98.The our company develops the ultra boiling point water temperature machine, temperature range reached 120-160, temperature control accuracy  reached ,enable the water temperature machine utilization to have a broader market.
Electric control panel and machine are separated.Its can obtain good insulation effect,so that be able to extend the useful duration of the electric parts.
Import microcomputer pair of group P.I.D temperature controls the scheduling,touches the type storage,the automatic calculation,saves above electricity 35%
The safe eeping of security and the failure indication system is perfect.
The import high-quality module,the service life is long.
Heating and cooling speed quickly, the temperature precise is stable.
The unique double power heats up the design ,suitable for different temperature control places, the energy conservation effect is obvious .
Main pipeline stainless steel is molded in one body type with less pipe damage and equal evenly heating.
Automatically,opening machine and exhaust function.
Working Principle(Dircet Cooling):

High temperature water returns to the machine and then be pressured by pump to the heaters.After being heated, water will be forced to mould and continue the circle.In the process ,If the water temperature is too high the system will activate the solenoid valve to let cooling water cool down the temperature directily until the water is down to the system requirement.If the temperature keeps increasing and reach to the set point of EGO,system will sound high pressure alarm and stop operation;when system pressure is too high(Reach set value of high pressure switch).alarm would sounds and machine halts;if high pressure switch fails to function and system pressure continues to rise to reach set value of safety valve ,safety valve would start up to release pressure;when cooling water pressure fails to reach the set value,pressure switch will send a signal of water storage to launch low pressure alarm and machine halts.
 Working Principle(Indirect Cooling):

The high temperature water from the mold returns to the pump inlet from the pipeline, then be pressurized by the pump and conveyed to the heater and again be heated and returns to the mold. The loop repeats. In this process, when liquid level switch detects the liquid level lowers to the set value and the machine will sound an alarm an halt. If the temperature of the water exceeds the set value, the system will automatically start the solenoid valve to let the cooling water come into the double pipes structure of the heating tank and cool down the water ,then a constant temperature can be maintained. If the temperature still maintains high to the EGO set value ,the system will sound an alarm and halt; when system pressure exceeds set value of high pressure switch, machine halts and sound an alarm. If the pressure continues rising to the set value of the safety valve, the safety valve starts to decompress the system.
Specification Sheet:

1) 6 x2 stands for the double section zones, each section can be controlled. We also can accord to the customer require to design.
2) In order to maintain stable temperature of heat transfer media (120),
 cooling water pressure should be no less than 2kgf / cm2, but also no more
 than 5kgf / cm2.
3) Pump testing standard:Power of 50HZ,purified water at 20.( There is ?10% tolerance for the max.flow rate and the max. pressure.)
4) The machine power supply: 380AC, 50Hz, 3. We can Customize the export voltage frequency and bigger heat power machines.
5) If you need that the heating temperature is 120 or 160


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